Pest Control Service in Azusa

Since 2005, Mercado and Son Pest Control has been the go-to expert for pest control services in Azusa. When it comes to trustworthy and efficient pest management, our pest control company is the preferred choice due to our high-quality work, competitive pricing, and upfront, no-obligation estimates. Look no further than our exceptional pest control professionals, celebrated for their attention to detail and trustworthiness. We also take pride in being a minority-owned company. We specialize in pest control for various property types, including homes, businesses, industrial sites, condos, townhouses, and apartments, ensuring quick and cost-effective solutions to save you time and money. Dealing with pests ranging from gnats to rodents, we offer thorough extermination and prevention solutions at budget-friendly prices.

Pests We Treat


Rodents are notorious for carrying diseases, and they pose a threat by damaging property and contaminating food sources. Our local pest control company in Azusa will identify entry points, deploy traps or baits, and seal access areas to evict rodents from your home. Our goal is to provide effective, enduring solutions and personalized strategies to ensure a rodent-free household.


Sowbugs, known for their ability to damage plants and thrive in wet conditions, are often responsible for widespread infestations. They tend to inhabit dark, damp areas such as basements or gardens, and their rapid reproductive rate hampers eradication efforts. Contact Mercado and Son Pest Control for reliable sowbug removal and ensure your property remains pest-free.


Ants enter homes looking for food and can cause structural problems. Your exterminator will swiftly find nests, manage infestations, and implement preventative measures to keep your home ant-free.


The presence of silverfish can result in damage due to their destructive feeding behavior, particularly towards books, papers, and fabrics. Our competent team can handle the issue by identifying and treating affected areas, sealing entry points, and maintaining persistent prevention measures to ensure a pest-free property.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs excel at infesting walls, bedding, and furniture, causing immediate discomfort and anxiety for homeowners. Their high resilience makes eliminating them quite difficult. If you observe symptoms such as red bites or rust-colored stains, reach out to our pest control company in Azusa without delay for swift and effective eradication, ensuring invaluable peace of mind.


Homeowners find earwigs bothersome due to their invasive behavior and the potential damage they can cause to plants. Our local pest control company specializes in managing this issue through infestation detection and treatment, barrier implementation, and ongoing prevention methods for a home free from earwigs.


Dealing with mosquito bites and their disease-carrying potential can be frustrating. Your Azusa exterminator offers expert pest control services to ensure thorough mosquito elimination, keep you safe, and restore your comfort. Give yourself the gift of unmatched reliability!

Stinging Insects

The presence of hornets and deer flies is alarming due to their painful stings and associated health risks. Our Azusa pest control experts can effectively manage these pests by identifying and eliminating nests, applying targeted treatments, and implementing proactive measures to eradicate these bothersome insects from your property.


Managing fleas is challenging due to their irritating bites and potential disease transmission to both people and pets. Our pest control service near you can eliminate them by addressing infested areas, using insecticides, and implementing proactive measures like routine checks and re-treatments.

Wasps & Bees

The presence of wasps and bees poses problems as their stings can lead to allergic reactions and pain. Mercado and Son Pest Control is dedicated to eradicating them by identifying and eliminating nests, employing safe and efficient methods to manage their populations, and implementing preventative measures to ensure your property is liberated from these stinging insects.


Managing cockroaches is difficult because of their unsanitary behaviors and capacity to transmit illnesses. Our team ensures a cockroach-free home by conducting thorough treatment of affected areas, sealing entry points, and implementing ongoing prevention measures, delivering reliable and effective solutions.


Unwanted bats near your property bring noise, droppings, and the risk of diseases. They may also damage property. Reach out to us for professional bat removal services! Unlike other local pest control companies, we specialize in efficient bat removal.


The incessant chirping and fabric-damaging tendencies of crickets make them a bothersome pest. Our local pest control service will address the infestation by treating impacted areas and instituting preventative measures to deter these pests from your premises.


Spiders are an unwelcome pest due to their webs and potential to bite. Our comprehensive pest control service includes identifying and treating affected regions. Rest assured, our solutions will keep spiders away from your home for the long haul.

Pantry Pests

Pantry pests such as moths and beetles have the potential to contaminate food items, leading to waste, health risks, and property damage. It’s vital to contact your go-to pest control contractor to intervene, identify and eradicate infestations, implement preventative measures, and maintain a safe, pest-free environment for your household.


Coping with birds on your property can lead to issues and obstacles due to their droppings, noise levels, and ability to transmit diseases. Our Azusa pest control service will utilize established techniques like deterrent installation, nest removal, and continuous remedies to keep your property free from birds and safe.

For comprehensive pest control services in the Azusa area or for emergency pest management, reach out to Mercado and Son Pest Control today at (626) 968-0409.