Bats Pomona

If bats enter your home or commercial property, they can quickly begin building a roost. Once bats start breeding, it won’t be long until you have a full-scale infestation on your hands. Given that bats can carry dangerous diseases, it’s critical to contact Mercado and Son Pest Control as soon as you notice signs of bats.

If you’d like to discuss our bat removal services, feel free to call our office – we’re also happy to provide free bat removal estimates over the phone!

Signs of a Bat Infestation in Pomona

There are a few signs to keep your eyes peeled for if you believe you have a bat infestation:

• Bats: If you notice bats inside or outside of your property, this is a good indicator that a bat roost is nearby.

• Droppings: If you notice black or dark brown droppings in your attic, crawl spaces, or other areas in your property, this could be an indicator that you have a bat infestation.

• Odors: Bat roosts are known to cause odors. So, if you smell something unusual in your home or commercial property, it could be due to bats.

• Moth Wings: An accumulation of moth wings is a clear sign that bats are feeding in your property. Make sure to contact us straight away if you notice a large number of moth wings.

If you have any questions about identifying a bat infestation, please call our office. We’re happy to provide advice over the phone or send a bat removal expert to inspect your property!

Issues Associated with Bat Infestations

Bats can cause a number of severe issues for property owners. Let’s explore some of them below:

• Disease: Bats can carry some of the world’s most serious diseases. Rabies, respiratory diseases, and a host of other illnesses are all linked to bats.

• Property Damage: Bat roosts can cause significant damage. Droppings, waste, and other issues can quickly accumulate in your attic or crawl spaces.

• Bites: Bats can bite humans and other animals. This can be particularly frightening if you have children or pets.

If you’re searching for more information about bats and the issues they can cause for property owners, feel free to call our office – we’re here to answer any questions you have about pests!

Pomona Bat Removal Company

Mercado and Son Pest Control is the first company you should call if you need to remove bats in Pomona, California. We use safe, effective, and affordable techniques to eliminate bat issues for our residential and commercial clients.

Speedy Bat Extermination Services in Pomona

If you need to remove bats quickly, our same-day bat removal service is the perfect solution. We also offer an after-hours bat removal service that is available 24/7. Never hesitate to contact our team if you need urgent assistance with a bat problem in Pomona!

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If you notice bats in your home or small business, don’t wait another moment to contact Mercado and Son Pest Control. Our Pomona pest control experts will travel to your property, assess the infestation issue, and immediately begin removing the bats. If you need a no-cost estimate for bat removal services in Pomona, we’re happy to provide quotes over the phone!