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At Mercado And Son Pest Control we are an established and trusted pest control service company offering prompt and professional response when you need us most. We are family owned and bonded business since 2005. We provide residential and commercial pest control and exterminator services including Ant, Wasp, Rodent, Roach, Mouse, Rat, Gopher extermination and removal for homes and businesses in the San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire and Orange County.

Not only do pests create a nuisance in your home or office, but they can also make health hazards. Whether you own a local company or reside in the area, it's essential to call an expert pest control service if you discover rodents or bugs on your property. In most cases, if bug control issues are left unmitigated, they can turn into much bigger problems.

At Mercado and Son Pest Control, we offer prompt pest control services to our clients. If you're searching for a reliable and trustworthy bug control company, don't hesitate to call our office!

About Us

Mercado and Son Pest Control is a full-service pest control company that can deal with any type of business or residential problem. Whether you're fighting rodents or insects, our team of highly-trained bug control experts is fully equipped to handle issues of any size.

As a locally owned and operated business, we're securely committed to our customers. We're a minority-owned business that has significant experience in the industry. We work with an array of homeowners and business owners throughout the Whittier area-- we offer budget-friendly services that prioritize health and effectiveness.

We have experience with the following kinds of pests:

  • Ticks
  • Rats
  • Bats
  • Fleas
  • Gnats
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Mice
  • Gophers
  • And More

Our Services

At Mercado and Son Pest Control, we're a one-stop-shop for all your pest control needs. Whether you're managing a cockroach infestation or an unwelcome rodent, our bug elimination specialists can fix the problem. Let's explore our most popular services in more detail listed below:

One-Time Pest Control Whittier

In most cases, a single visit from a pest control expert can resolve your issue. If you have an insect or rodent issue that's localized to a specific area, our team at Mercado and Son Pest Control can quickly eliminate the problem. Our one-time sees will assess your insect control problem, develop a remedy, and put our plan into action.

Commercial Pest Control Whittier

If you're a company owner or manager, it's crucial to keep your business properties totally free of pests. Depending upon your market, an insect invasion might end in the forced closure of your company if local authorities discover any issues. In addition, a bug issue can permanently damage your company's credibility in the mind of your clients.

While most business owners comprehend the severity of customer-facing pest problems, few comprehend the other health effects of bug issues. Pests often carry diseases and other health hazards that can damage your staff.

Our commercial pest control services are incredibly discreet. We comprehend that you have a company to run-- we'll work hard to help you resolve your issues without interrupting your operating hours or damaging your credibility. We're heavily invested in the success of our industrial partners.

If you're a business owner, it's critical to pick a pest control team with commercial experience. We can deal with largescale jobs with ease!

Pre-Scheduled Pest Control Whittier

If you're someone who handles recurring pest issues, it's often a good idea to seek the services of a bug control team regularly. At Mercado and Son Pest Control, we can form a pre-scheduled pest control routine that will help you prevent pest problems. If you run a company that needs you to guarantee the total removal of any pests, a once or twice-per-month service can help you tackle issues before they arise.

Residential Pest Control Whittier

There's absolutely nothing worse than having unwanted visitors in your home. While pest concerns might be hard to identify at first glimpse, they can drastically impact your life once they get worse. Whether you're dealing with a squirrel, rat, or an invasion of roaches, we can help.

It's essential to resolve the issue as rapidly as possible if you think you have a pest issue. Ticks, fleas, and other bugs frequently carry harmful illnesses that can affect your household or household pets' health. The same rings true for rodents-- it's critical to prevent exposure to any kind of pest in your house.

We likewise deal with local property owners who require pest control services in between tenants. If you 'd like to restore your property to its former condition before a new family moves in, it's a great idea to utilize a pest control service to eliminate any issues.

Emergency Pest Control Whittier

Our emergency bug control service offers 24/7 protection if you're experiencing a severe pest control problem that needs immediate attention. We can travel to your home or commercial property and fix the problem, no matter the time of day or night. If you're experiencing issues with bugs or rodents, our emergency services ensure you're never left without assistance.

Our emergency services are usually used by residents and business owners that have rodent issues. You know who to call if a squirrel, bat, or other animal enters your home in the middle of the night!

Why Choose Mercado and Son Pest Control?

It's essential to select the right bug control team if you want to get rid of any infestation problems in your house or commercial property. At Mercado and Son Pest Control, our longstanding success is proof that we offer premium services to our clients. Let's explore what makes us the best pest control partner for your commercial or residential property:

  • We can get rid of both bug and rodent issues.
  • We provide both residential and commercial services.
  • We're timely and cost-efficient.
  • We have a 24/7 emergency response team.
  • We can establish a routine pest control service that's developed for your business.
  • We provide free price quotes to our customers.
  • We offer bespoke solutions that are developed to suit your requirements.
  • We're a minority-owned business.
  • We're locally owned and operated.

Contact Us Today for Free Pest Control Quotes!

If you have pest issues on your hands, it's time to call the specialists! At Mercado and Son Pest Control, we're always available to help property and business customers-- we provide economical insect control services that guarantee to eliminate any invasions. If you 'd like a totally free quote for any of our services, we're only a short call away!

5 star ratingLiterally saved me (There was a mouse in my toilet!) Came within the hour and was out in 10 minutes! They also mentioned their other service like spray for spiders! I'll definitely be calling again!

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