Pest Control Service in Covina

Mercado and Son Pest Control’s track record of excellence spans nearly two decades, consistently providing effective pest control services to Covina residents since 2005. Our pest control company is recognized as the go-to choice for customers seeking dependable service, competitive rates, and transparent, no-cost estimates. Look no further than our exceptional pest control professionals, celebrated for their attention to detail and trustworthiness. We’re also proud to be a minority-owned business. Covering a diverse range of properties like industrial sites, townhouses, condos, homes, apartments, and businesses, we deliver fast and efficient pest removal while helping you save money and time. Whether it’s gnats causing annoyance or rodents creating problems, our pest control services cover both extermination and prevention at the most affordable rates.

Pests We Treat

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have a knack for invading furniture, bedding, and walls, causing immediate discomfort and anxiety for homeowners. Their high resilience makes eradicating them quite challenging. If you observe signs like red bites or rust-colored stains, reach out to our pest control company in Covina without delay for swift and effective eradication, ensuring invaluable peace of mind.


The presence of fleas causes annoyance with their biting and potential disease transmission to people and pets. Our pest control service near you can efficiently eliminate them by targeting infested areas, using insecticides, and adopting preventative measures like regular inspections and re-treatments.


Bats are unwanted near your home due to noise, droppings, and potential diseases. They can also cause property damage and health hazards. Contact us for expert bat removal services! Our specialization in bat removal separates us from other local pest control companies.

Stinging Insects

The presence of stinging insects such as hornets and deer flies is anxiety-inducing due to their painful stings and the health hazards they’re known for. Our Covina pest control team is equipped to tackle these pests by identifying and eliminating nests, applying precise treatment methods, and establishing preventative strategies to rid your property of these unwelcome intruders.


Spiders are unwelcome creatures, especially because of their webs and bites. Let our pest control service handle the issue by detecting and treating infested spaces. You can trust us to maintain a spider-free home with our lasting solutions.


Managing birds on your property can lead to challenges and obstacles due to their droppings, noise, and potential for spreading diseases. Our Covina pest control service will utilize established techniques like deterrent installation, nest removal, and continuous remedies to keep your property healthy and free from birds.


Disease-ridden rodents cause issues by contaminating food supplies and damaging property. The experts at our local pest control company in Covina are adept at identifying entry points, utilizing traps or baits, and closing off access areas to eliminate rodents from your home. Trust us for effective, sustainable solutions and personalized strategies to maintain a rodent-free environment.


The persistent chirping and fabric-damaging behavior of crickets render them a nuisance. Our local pest control service is prepared to handle the infestation by treating affected regions and implementing effective prevention strategies to keep these pests away from your property.

Wasps & Bees

Quickly dealing with wasps and bees is essential due to their sting’s potential to cause allergic responses and pain. Mercado and Son Pest Control is committed to eradicating them by discovering and eliminating nests, employing safe and effective techniques to manage their populations, and introducing preventative strategies to maintain a stinging insect-free environment.


Ants tend to invade homes in search of food, and they’re known to cause structural damage. Your exterminator will swiftly identify nests, address infestations, and establish preventative protocols to ensure your home remains ant-free.


The presence of silverfish can result in damage due to their destructive feeding behavior, particularly towards papers, books, and fabrics. Our experienced crew excels in detecting and addressing infested spots, sealing access points, and implementing ongoing prevention to keep your property free from pests.


Earwigs are not a welcome sight for homeowners because of their invasive habits and the risk they pose to plants. Our local pest control company specializes in managing this issue by detecting and addressing infestations, implementing barriers, and offering ongoing prevention measures for a home free from earwigs.


Sowbugs pose a threat to plants and flourish in moist environments, leading to infestations. They tend to inhabit dark, damp areas such as basements or gardens, and their rapid reproductive rate hampers eradication efforts. Contact Mercado and Son Pest Control for reliable sowbug removal and ensure your property remains pest-free.


Cockroaches are problematic due to their unsanitary behaviors and role in disease transmission. By thoroughly treating affected areas, sealing entry points, and providing ongoing prevention, our team guarantees a cockroach-free home with efficient and dependable treatment.


Dealing with mosquito bites and their disease-carrying potential can be frustrating. Your expert Covina exterminator provides professional pest control solutions to eliminate mosquitoes effectively, restore your comfort, and keep you safe. Come to us for unmatched reliability!

Pantry Pests

Pantry pests like moths and beetles are known for causing food contamination, leading to waste, health risks, and property damage. Seeking assistance from your reliable pest control contractor is necessary to intervene, identify and eradicate infestations, implement preventative steps, and ensure a safe, pest-free living space for your family.

For comprehensive pest control services in the Covina area or for emergency pest management, reach out to Mercado and Son Pest Control today at (626) 968-0409.