Pest Control Service in Glendora

Mercado and Son Pest Control has built a strong reputation for excellence in pest control services, proudly serving Glendora since 2005. Our pest control company is recognized as the go-to choice for customers seeking dependable service, competitive rates, and transparent, no-cost estimates. Rely on our outstanding pest control experts, recognized for their attention to detail and consistency. We also take pride in being a minority-owned business. Whether it’s an apartment, industrial property, condo, business, townhouse, or home, we offer efficient pest elimination services that save you both money and time. Whether it’s gnats or rodents causing trouble, we offer comprehensive pest control solutions that include extermination and prevention – all at affordable prices.

Pests We Treat

Stinging Insects

Deer flies and hornets are feared for their painful stings and the potential health threats they bring. Our Glendora pest control experts are skilled in targeting these pests through nest identification and removal, precise treatment applications, and proactive measures to eliminate these undesirable insects from your property.


Spiders, with their webs and potential bites, are unwelcome visitors in homes. Turn to our pest control service to identify and resolve infestations effectively. We’ll ensure your home stays free of spiders using effective and proven methods.


Coping with cockroaches can be challenging due to their unsanitary behaviors and role in disease transmission. Our comprehensive approach involves thorough treatment of affected areas, sealing potential entry points, and continuous prevention to maintain a cockroach-free environment in your home.

Wasps & Bees

Wasps and bees are problematic because their stings can lead to potential allergy flare-ups and unwanted pain. Mercado and Son Pest Control will work tirelessly to eliminate them by finding and removing nests, using safe and effective methods to control populations, and implementing preventative measures to remove stinging insects from your environment once and for all.


The pursuit of food leads ants into homes, posing risks of structural damage. Your exterminator will efficiently identify nests, handle infestations, and establish prevention methods to keep your home free from ants.


Infestations caused by sowbugs, which are capable of harming plants and thriving in moist environments, are a common concern. These pests are commonly found in dim, damp spaces like basements or gardens, and their fast breeding cycle complicates eradication efforts. Contact Mercado and Son Pest Control to eliminate sowbugs efficiently and keep your property pest-free.


Dealing with fleas is troublesome due to their irritating bites and the risk of transmitting diseases to humans and animals. Our pest control service near you can effectively eliminate them by addressing infested spots, utilizing insecticides, and incorporating preventative methods like frequent checks and reapplications.


Unwanted bats around your property create noise, leave droppings, and carry potential diseases. They can also cause property damage and health concerns. Count on us for specialized bat removal services! Our specialization in bat removal distinguishes us from other local pest control providers.


Earwigs are not welcomed by homeowners due to their intrusive behavior and the risk they pose to plants. Our local pest control company specializes in managing this issue through infestation detection and treatment, barrier implementation, and ongoing prevention methods for a space free from earwigs.


Rodents are known for carrying diseases, and their presence results in food contamination and property damage. Our local pest control company in Glendora excels at identifying entry points, utilizing bait or traps, and closing off access areas to eliminate rodents from your home. Count on us for effective, sustainable solutions and customized strategies to maintain a rodent-free environment.

Bed Bugs

Infesting furniture, walls, and bedding, bed bugs swiftly cause discomfort and unease among homeowners. Their exceptional resilience makes eliminating them a daunting task. If you spot symptoms like rust-colored stains or red bites, promptly contact our pest control company in Glendora for rapid and effective removal, providing priceless peace of mind.


Silverfish unwanted guests due to their destructive feeding habits and ability to damage books, papers, and fabrics. Our proficient team is well-equipped to identify and treat infested areas, seal off entry points, and maintain continuous prevention efforts for a pest-free property.


The presence of birds can create inconveniences and disruptions on your property, including droppings, noise levels, and the risk of disease transmission. Our Glendora pest control service will employ effective methods such as deterrent installation, nest removal, and ongoing solutions to maintain a bird-free and healthy environment.

Pantry Pests

The presence of common pantry nuisances like moths and beetles can result in food spoilage, causing waste, health hazards, and property deterioration. Reaching out to your trusted pest control contractor is crucial to address the issue, detect and eliminate infestations, establish preventative measures, and ensure a healthy, pest-free environment for your household.


Crickets are a source of constant irritation with their persistent chirping and potential fabric damage. Our local pest control service will tackle the infestation by treating affected areas and implementing effective prevention strategies to deter future pest problems.


The discomfort of mosquito bites and their potential for disease transmission is a common problem. Fortunately, your expert Glendora exterminator provides professional pest control that eliminates mosquitoes effectively to restore your safety and comfort. Our reliability and efficiency are unparalleled!

For comprehensive pest control services in the Glendora area or for emergency pest management, reach out to Mercado and Son Pest Control today at (626) 968-0409.