Gnats Pomona

Gnats are small, pesky insects that often fly in groups. While there are a variety of gnat types, all of them are incredibly irritating – and some can even bite or cause severe issues for your plants. If you’re facing a gnat problem in Pomona, it’s critical to contact Mercado and Son Pest Control immediately.

We have more than 15 years of experience helping our clients exterminate gnats. Whether you’re a resident or small business owner, our team is here to help. Call our office for a no-obligation gnat removal estimate!

Signs of a Gnat Infestation in Pomona

If you’re wondering if you have a gnat problem, make sure to keep an eye out for the signs below:

• You notice a large number of gnats in the air.
• You notice gnats on plants in or around your home.
• Some gnats will leave cream-colored larvae in the soil in your garden or yard.

If you have any additional questions about signs of a gnat infestation, please call our office in Pomona today. We have extensive experience identifying gnat problems, so we’re more than happy to help!

Issues Associated with Gnats in Pomona

Gnats can be much more than a nuisance. Let’s explore some of the issues commonly associated with gnat infestations:

• Gnats can harm fruits, plants, and other natural components in your home or garden.
• Gnats can travel in packs, which means they’re hard to avoid if you have an infestation.
• Gnats can carry parasites and diseases, which can infect you or your pets.
• Some types of gnats can bite you or your pets.

Feel free to call Mercado and Son Pest Control if you have any questions about the issues outlined above. We’re always happy to help our clients understand the risks associated with gnat infestations.

Pomona Gnat Removal Company

If your home or small business has a gnat problem, it’s time to call our gnat experts at Mercado and Son Pest Control. We’ve helped countless Pomona small business owners and residents eliminate the root cause of any gnat issues in their properties. We use safe, industry-leading techniques to remove gnats from your home or business and restore your ability to enjoy your property!

If you have any questions about our gnat removal techniques, please call our office for more information!

Same-Day Gnat Removal Services in Pomona

If you can’t wait to remove the gnats from your home or small business, we offer a same-day gnat extermination service. We understand that gnats might be ruining your ability to enjoy your property, so our same-day service will handle the problem quickly. We’re here to make the process of exterminating gnats as convenient as possible for our Pomona clients!

Remove Gnats from Your Pomona Home or Small Business Today!

If you need to remove gnats from a Pomona home or small business, don’t hesitate to contact Mercado and Son Pest Control today. We’re here to make the gnat removal process quick, painless, and cost-effective. Call our Pomona office for a no-obligation estimate!