Mice Pomona

As with other rodents, mice can quickly breed and cause infestation issues in your home or commercial property. As mice are much smaller than rats, they can fit in small spaces and begin nesting in attics, crawl spaces, and other hard-to-reach areas in your property. At Mercado and Son Pest Control, we help residential and commercial clients access long-term mice removal solutions in Pomona, California.

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Signs of a Mice Infestation in Pomona

The following signs indicate that you may have a mice infestation issue in your home or small business:

• Droppings: Mice leave droppings, especially if you have an infestation. Keep your eyes peeled for small droppings on surfaces.

• Odors: If mice die or urinate in your home or small business, they will leave foul smells. If you have noticeable odors in your property, it could be due to mice or other rodents.

• Noise: Mice can cause scratching and scurrying noises in your home, attic, or crawl spaces.

• Grease Markings: Mice leave grease markings when they rub against walls and other surfaces, so this is a tell-tale sign that you have a mice infestation.

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Issues Associated with Mice Infestations in Pomona

When mice begin reproducing in a property, they can bring a variety of severe issues. Let’s explore the top two problems associated with mice infestations:

• Property Damage: Mice can cause property damage by urinating and creating nests in your property. Many mice will chew holes in flooring, roofing, and other property components.

• Mice Diseases: As with many rodents, mice carry significant diseases that can put you, your family, and your pets at risk. For example, mice are known to carry hantavirus, salmonellosis, and more.

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Pomona Mice Removal Service

At Mercado and Son Pest Control, we provide mice removal solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Pomona, California. We use safe methods that will protect your property and its occupants. Feel free to contact us for more information if you’d like to learn about our mice removal services!

Immediate Mice Removal Services in Pomona

If you need help with mice in Pomona, California, we offer same-day mice removal services to our local client base. By removing mice immediately, we’ll ensure you protect your business or home from the negative consequences associated with mice infestations.

We also provide emergency services to clients that require after-hours mice removal solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with mice extermination, regardless of the time of day or night.

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