Pest Control Service in Norwalk

Serving Norwalk since 2005, Mercado and Son Pest Control have established ourselves as the premier choice for professional pest management solutions in the region. Our pest control company is known for our reliable service, competitive pricing, and honest, no-obligation estimates, making us the go-to choice for effective pest management. The expertise of our pest control technicians is unmatched, celebrated for their precision and reliability. We also take pride in being a minority-owned business. We cater to a wide range of properties, including condos, industrial sites, homes, apartments, townhouses, and businesses, ensuring rapid and efficient pest eradication to save you both time and money. From gnats to rodents, we provide complete pest control solutions that encompass both extermination and prevention – all at rates that are easy on the wallet.

Pests We Treat


The annoyance of mosquito bites and their potential for spreading diseases is well-known. Fortunately, your expert Norwalk exterminator provides professional pest control that effectively eradicates mosquitoes to restore your comfort and safety. Trust our unmatched reliability!

Pantry Pests

The infestation of pantry pests like beetles and moths can result in food contamination, causing wastage, health concerns, and property issues. Seeking assistance from your reliable pest control contractor is critical to intervene, identify and eradicate infestations, implement preventative steps, and maintain a safe, pest-free atmosphere for your household.

Wasps & Bees

Wasps and bees pose challenges because their stings can trigger discomfort and allergic reactions. Mercado and Son Pest Control is committed to eliminating them by finding and eliminating nests, employing safe and efficient methods to manage populations, and introducing preventative measures to maintain a property free of these stinging insects.


Managing cockroaches is a struggle because of their unclean behavior and ability to carry diseases. By addressing affected areas comprehensively, sealing potential entry points, and implementing ongoing prevention methods, our team delivers effective and reliable treatment to keep your home cockroach-free.


Birds can cause nuisances and hindrances on your property with their droppings, noise levels, and risk of disease transmission. Our Norwalk pest control service will utilize established techniques like deterrent installation, nest removal, and continuous remedies to keep your property healthy and free from birds.

Stinging Insects

The sight of stinging insects such as deer flies and hornets is disturbing because of their painful stings and potential health hazards. Our Norwalk pest control experts can effectively manage these pests by identifying and eliminating nests, applying targeted treatments, and implementing proactive measures to eradicate these bothersome insects from your property.


The quest for food drives ants to invade homes, potentially causing structural issues. Your exterminator will swiftly identify nests, address infestations, and establish preventative protocols to ensure your home remains ant-free.


Infestations caused by sowbugs are a common problem, as these pests are capable of harming plants and tend to thrive in moist settings. They tend to inhabit dark, damp areas such as basements or gardens, and their rapid reproductive rate hampers eradication efforts. Contact Mercado and Son Pest Control for effective sowbug removal and ensure your property remains pest-free.


Silverfish pose a threat with their destructive eating habits and the potential to damage books, papers, and fabrics. Our capable crew can address the problem by identifying and treating infested areas, sealing entry points, and implementing ongoing preventative measures to protect your property from pests.


Bats near your home are problematic with their noise, droppings, and the risk of diseases. They can also damage property and pose health hazards. Reach out to us for expert bat removal services! Our specialization in bat removal sets us apart from other local pest control companies.


Coping with fleas is frustrating due to their biting and the risk of transmitting diseases to people and pets. Our pest control service near you can efficiently eliminate them by targeting infested areas, using insecticides, and adopting preventative measures like regular inspections and re-treatments.


Crickets are a nuisance due to their constant chirping and potential to damage fabric objects. Our local pest control service is prepared to handle the infestation by treating affected regions and implementing effective prevention strategies to keep these pests away from your property.


Spiders are unwelcome guests, causing trouble with their webs and bites. Our skilled pest control service is adept at identifying and treating infested areas. We use proven techniques to ensure your home stays spider-free.


Rodents are disease-carrying nuisances that damage property and contaminate food. Our local pest control company in Norwalk will identify entry points, deploy traps or baits, and seal access areas to evict rodents from your home. We’re dedicated to offering effective, long-lasting solutions and tailored strategies for a rodent-free living space.


Earwigs are loathed by homeowners because of their invasive tendencies and the potential they have to harm plants. Our local pest control company can handle this problem by identifying and treating infestations, setting up barriers, and providing continuous prevention measures to ensure an earwig-free environment.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are adept at infesting furniture, bedding, and walls, leading to immediate discomfort and worry for homeowners. Their remarkable resilience makes eliminating them quite difficult. If you notice indicators such as red bites or rust-colored stains, get in touch with our pest control company in Norwalk promptly for swift and effective elimination, ensuring invaluable peace of mind.

For comprehensive pest control services in the Norwalk area or for emergency pest management, reach out to Mercado and Son Pest Control today at (626) 968-0409.