Pest Control Service in Pasadena

Since our establishment in 2005, Mercado and Son Pest Control have been at the forefront of pest management services in the Pasadena area. Our pest control company is known for our dependable service, competitive pricing, and honest, complimentary estimates, making us the preferred option for effective pest management. Our team of pest control professionals is unmatched, each known for their thoroughness and dependability. We also take pride in being a minority-owned business. Whether it’s an apartment, industrial property, condo, business, townhouse, or home, we offer efficient pest elimination services that save you both money and time. Handling everything from gnats to rodents, our pest control services encompass complete extermination and prevention while ensuring affordability for our clients.

Pests We Treat


Homeowners find earwigs undesirable due to their intrusiveness and the risk they pose to plants. Our local pest control company can effectively manage this problem by identifying and addressing infestations, creating barriers, and providing continuous prevention measures for an earwig-free space.

Pantry Pests

Pantry pests such as beetles and moths are known for contaminating food supplies, leading to wastage, health risks, and property damage. It’s vital to reach out to your trusted pest control contractor to intervene, identify and eliminate infestations, establish preventative measures, and ensure a healthy, pest-free living environment for your family.


Fleas create problems with their itchy bites and potential disease transmission to both people and pets. Our pest control service near you is equipped to eradicate them through targeted treatments, insecticide applications, and preventative measures such as routine inspections and follow-up treatments.


Cockroaches are troublesome due to their unhygienic habits and potential for disease spreading. Our team uses a multi-faceted approach, including thorough treatment, sealing entry points, and ongoing prevention, to keep your home cockroach-free with reliable and effective treatment.

Bed Bugs

Invading walls, furniture, and bedding, bed bugs quickly create discomfort and distress among homeowners. Their exceptional resilience poses a considerable challenge for eradication efforts. If you notice signs like red bites or rust-colored stains, contact our pest control company in Pasadena immediately for swift, effective eradication and priceless peace of mind.


Bats near your home are problematic with their noise, droppings, and the risk of diseases. They can also cause property damage and health issues. Count on us for expert bat removal services! Our specialization in bat removal separates us from other local pest control companies.


The incessant chirping and fabric-damaging tendencies of crickets make them a bothersome pest. Our local pest control service is equipped to handle the infestation through treatment of affected spaces and the implementation of effective prevention tactics to deter these pests.

Wasps & Bees

Managing wasps and bee infestations is crucial because their stings may result in allergy flare-ups and discomfort. Mercado and Son Pest Control is committed to eradicating them by discovering and eliminating nests, employing safe and effective techniques to manage their populations, and introducing preventative strategies to make sure these stinging insects stay far away from your property.


Spiders, with their webs and bite risks, are an unwanted nuisance. Our comprehensive pest control service includes identifying and treating affected regions. Trust us to keep your home spider-free with our reliable and lasting solutions.


Birds can create problems and hindrances on your property with their droppings, noise, and potential to spread diseases. Our Pasadena pest control service will utilize tried-and-tested approaches, including deterrents installation, nest removal, and ongoing remedies, to maintain a bird-free and healthy environment.


Sowbugs, known for their ability to damage plants and thrive in wet conditions, are often responsible for widespread infestations. They tend to inhabit dark, damp locations such as basements or gardens, and their rapid reproduction makes controlling an infestation tricky. Reach out to Mercado and Son Pest Control to efficiently eliminate sowbugs and maintain a pest-free environment.


Invading homes for food, ants can cause structural damage. Your exterminator will promptly search for nests, treat infestations, and set up preventative measures to maintain an ant-free household.

Stinging Insects

The appearance of stinging insects like hornets and deer flies is distressing due to their painful stings and health concerns. Our dedicated Pasadena pest control specialists can address these pests by locating and eradicating nests, employing tailored treatment solutions, and implementing proactive approaches to remove these unwanted pests from your property.


Dealing with mosquitoes’ itchy bites and disease transmission can be a major concern. Your trusted Pasadena exterminator specializes in expert pest control, delivering effective mosquito elimination to restore your comfort and safety. Experience our unparalleled reliability!


Silverfish are problematic due to their destructive feeding tendencies, especially their potential damage to fabric, paper, and books. Our competent team can handle the issue by identifying and treating affected areas, sealing entry points, and maintaining persistent prevention measures to ensure a pest-free property.


Rodents are notorious for carrying diseases, and they pose a threat by damaging property and contaminating food sources. Our local pest control company in Pasadena will send them packing by identifying entry points, implementing traps or baits, and sealing off access areas. Count on us for effective, sustainable solutions and personalized strategies to maintain a rodent-free living space.

For comprehensive pest control services in the Pasadena area or for emergency pest management, reach out to Mercado and Son Pest Control today at (626) 968-0409.