Ants Pomona

If you notice ants or ant mounds in your home or small business, it’s time to call a professional extermination team. At Mercado and Son Pest Control, we have more than 15 years of experience identifying ants and eliminating them from our clients’ properties. We provide long-term solutions for residential and commercial partners throughout Pomona.

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Signs of Ant Infestation in Pomona

You don’t need to be an ant expert to identify an infestation issue. Below, let’s explore some key signs you need to contact a pest removal expert to inspect your property for ants:

• You notice ant mounds in your garden or lawn.
• You notice ants in your home or on your sidewalks.
• Ants are eating food on your countertops.
• You or your family are receiving ant bites.
• You hear rustling in your walls (this can be a sign of carpenter ants).
• You notice wood shavings around your home or small business (this can be a sign of carpenter ants).

If you’re unsure if you have an ant issue, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Please call our office today to speak about the issues that you’re facing – we’re always happy to help.

Problems Associated with Ants in Pomona

Ants can cause a variety of mild and severe issues for property owners in Pomona. Let’s explore some of the issues associated with ant infestations:

• Ant mounds and colonies can cause eyesores in your yard or garden
• Ants can be dangerous for children and those with ant allergies
• Ants can bite you, your family, or your pets.
• Some ants can eat at the wood materials in your property, which can cause expensive damage.
• Ants can eat your food.

If you’re hoping to learn more about ants and how they can impact you, your family, or your business, please contact our office at Mercado and Son Pest Control. We’re always happy to answer questions about ants and their associated issues!

Pomona Ant Removal Company

Ants can be pesky to find and eliminate. That’s why you need a professional and experienced pest removal expert to handle the job. At Mercado and Son Pest Control, we use the industry’s latest techniques to identify and remove ants – and all our work is backed by our 100% quality guarantee!

Why Choose Us to Remove Ants in Pomona?

If you’re wondering why we’re the best ant removal company in Pomona, check out the features below:

• We can remove all types of ants (both inside and outside).
• We offer same-day ant removal services.
• We partner with commercial and residential clients in Pomona.
• We never charge our ant removal clients for estimates.
• We offer senior discounts to Pomona residents.
• All of our work is backed by a 100% guarantee.

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